Become a LaserMasters Practice

The Laser Masters, LLC  was born from years of  “in the trenches” practice experience developing a flourishing LASER PAIN CENTER business model with a separate and distinct identity from the busy multi-disciplinary practice it was within. Through much trial and error in their quest to develop a successful cash based “private pay” business, founders Dr. Michael Rubenstein and  Dr. Robert Hanopole perfected a highly successful Laser “Practice within a Practice” model. Sick and tired of relying on ever diminishing insurance reimbursements and being viewed as a commodity, these two entrepreneurial doctors perfected a solution to help more patients with specific conditions that previously wouldn’t even have chosen their office for, but sought their care specifically for Laser Therapy.

These types of patients are excited to get results while avoiding more invasive methods. They seem to have no problem paying out of pocket for the proprietary ReliefNow Laser Methods That Dr. Rob and Dr. Mike have created and they will teach you these methods too! They will show you how to separate yourself from any of the other providers in your area and truly stand out as the “Only Logical Choice” for patients to make. You will become an expert in class 4 laser therapy and have unlimited access to training videos, updated research and education on ReliefNow Laser Methods.

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This turn key practice solution also provides you with all the marketing materials you will want to fill your office with these types of patients who will appreciate your care and pay you what you’re worth. You will even have your very own ReliefNow Laser Methods practitioner website and all the practice and marketing support to break free of the shackles of insurance while collecting an additional $150K-$250K+ yearly within your existing practice!